My Food Friend

Food. No living creature can survive without it, but our relationship with it goes so far beyond survival. It plays an important role in most of our ceremonies and rituals. We eat to celebrate our triumphs/milestones and to comfort us in loss or times of stress.

People used to call me a foodie. Now they call me a trouble maker, activist, or just plain nuts. I haven’t changed but the food industry has and our food supplies, and environment, are in jeopardy. Sadly most people have no idea what chemical companies are doing to the food supply and believe our government will protect us automatically. This is not the case. We must be vigilant to inform and safeguard ourselves, our families, and our planet

Friends and coworkers question all the time about the questions I ask in restaurants or many of my food choices. When I answer them, conversations begin about our food supply and more questions follow; questions about how can one protect themselves? What can we do? What questions should we ask? What is safe and what isn’t? Where is the best place to begin to make changes? One question leads to another. I am happy to engage in these conversations, but with so much information I see them walk away enlightened but overwhelmed.

I started this blog as a repository of information. Now all my lists, tips, and links to resources will be in one easily accessible place.

As the name indicates I want to be your food friend. I plan to help you navigate the sea of information out there about the food industry by explaining what their practices mean to you, provide lists of what to look for and avoid, and information about what the double talk on the labels really means.

I also want to celebrate food. We have an endless source of medicine and sensual delights growing all around us. I’ll discuss nutritional healing, organic gardening, and what questions to ask in restaurants. Sometimes I’ll even share some of my favorite recipes.

Please share your questions and comments. I created this blog in response to questions and requests of others. Let me know what you want to see here.

Because the third worldwide March Against Monsanto is less than a week away now, I’ll begin by posting daily information regarding GMOs. In the side column is a link to the national site where you can find the march nearest to you. If you live in the Kansas City area, I’ve also included local march information. Please join us. We are making a difference. 

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