Let’s Talk About Monsanto

I missed last night’s post because I had the opportunity to join a panel discussion on a local community radio program discussing the affects of Monsanto’s products and the upcoming world wide march. Below is a link to that discussion.

EcoRadio KC March Against Monsanto Broadcast May 19, 2014

As I mentioned this is a world wide march. People are gathering on every continent, except Antarctica, to raise awareness of Monsanto and the need for, at the very least, labeling of GMO foods.

The goals of the movement are to:

  • Protect our food supply
  • Support local farms
  • Protect our environment
  • Promote organic solutions
  • Expose cronyism between big business and the government
  • Bring accountability to those responsible for the corruption

These marches do make a difference, and if you support the causes above I encourage you to go the the national March Against Monsanto website and find information on a march near you, then go and your voice to the cause. Here’s the link

March Against Monsanto Event Page







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