Unique Japanese Cake is Made of Water

water cakeWhat appears to be a giant drop of water in the photo is actually a cake. It is the creation of the Kinseiken Seika Company company in Japan, and a variation of their trademark shingen mochi rice cake. The shingen mochi cake is a particularly soft type of mochi rice cake, sprinkled with kinako soybean powder and eaten with brown sugar syrup; it is yellow in color, with a sticky and soft jelly like consistency.  (see photo below from Kinseiken Seika website.)


Last summer the Kinseiken Seika company make a clear version as a summertime treat. It was so popular they brought it back again this year.  The mizu (water) shingen mochi’ cake will melt into a sweet puddle of water within 30 minutes once it is out of its container and in room temperatures, so can only be eaten in the store and cannot be ordered to go. It is available at only two of Kinseiken’s stores, both located in Yamanashi Prefecture.

water cake 3

The water comes from Southern Japanese Alps, is lightly sweetened, and solidified just enough to give it a definite shape. According to the Kinseiken website, the mizu shingen mocha is so soft it feels like it might break with just a gentle poke, and melts away like water in your mouth. water drop cake with topping

Japanese TV anchor Mika Miura, Tweeted this about the water cake: “This mizu shingen mochi from Kinseiken in Hokuto City is transparent and delightfully soft. The jelly is made from underflow water from Mount Kaikoma, and has a pleasant natural sweetness. Add the rich kinako powder and brown sugar syrup and it goes incredibly smoothly down your throat. The taste is really amazing.”

As I’ve never been to Japan I’ve never tried one; and to tell the truth I’m not sure I want to. But I’m fascinated by them none the less.


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