Have a Little Summertime Fun with Watermelon.

Watermelon Carved Goblin FaceTalent and creativity just can’t be held down and it seems the lowly watermelon has become the new favorite medium for food sculptures; and a pretty impressive and versatile medium it’s turned out to be.

There are three colors and textures depending how deep you carve, making this an excellent all-around carving medium. The hard green exterior, the softer white rind, and the soft red watermelon fruit.

With the summer solstice just past and July 4th just around the I thought it would be fun to look at what some very talented people are doing with this summertime treat.

After the photos I’ve posted some GMO information and links to instructions to make your own watermelon centerpieces.

Watermelon Carved as Flowers
From the Temple of Thai newsletter
Child-Head Watermelon Carving
Child-Head Watermelon Carving


monster-grin-watermelon-carvingThis one is titled The Big Grin


Watermelon Carved as Flower

watermelon woman with earrings

Another tall sculpture. The orange ear rings are a nice touch.


Cool shades, but he looks like he’s gotten a little too much sun

paris watermelon competition entry

watermelon-simbaI hope you’ve enjoyed this little sample of watermelon art.

Now that we are in watermelon season, there is a serious question to be answered. Are Watermelons GMO? I’ve seen claims on the internet that they are. I’ve seen stats on field trials but no evidence that it moved beyond the trial stage.

I remember eating seedless watermelon from before GMOs were in trials, created from cross breeding. According to an article on GMOs in “Mother Jones” magazine published last summer, the following was included in a list of foods you might think are GMO but are not.

Seedless watermelon: While it would seem plausible that a fruit that produces no seeds has been bio-engineered, the seedless watermelon is a hybrid of two separate breeds. It has been nicknamed the “mule of the watermelon world.”

So while I guess there are no guarantees, I personally feel pretty safe enjoying watermelon this summer.

If you’ve been inspired by the above photos and want to get creative for your 4th of July celebration here are some links to free watermelon carving instruction pages.

The site of the National Watermelon Promotion Board has an extensive selection of carving project instructions, a recipe section, and even a watermelon blog. Unusual to this site is a watermelon keg.

 There are sets of instructions for several baskets and punch bowls, at this site;no special tools needed.

Finally, here is a YouTube video showing how to use pattern transfers if you want to tackle something more intricate.

Will you be having watermelon this July 4th? Will you try carving it?

I’d love to hear what you think.

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