UK Artist Storms the Food World with Pizza Dough Army

terracotta-warriors-pizza-doughBirmingham based artist Annabel de Vetten has studied taxidermy and sculpture and made a living as a full time fine art painter. So her next enterprise, sculpting often macabre cakes for her company Conjurer’s Kitchen, seems a logical progression somehow.

terracotta-warriors-pizza-dough for scale

De vetten created the 10-inch-tall bread statues you see here to replicate the life sized Terracotta Army discovered outside of Xi-an China in 1974. The occasion? They were part of a celebration by UK based Pizza Express when they opened their 500th location worldwide, in Bejing China.


The statues are carved from Pizza Express’ signature dough. Although they are only 10-inch-tall  they show the same detail as their life sized terracotta counterparts. Each statue is exquisitely detailed and individual with variations on the faces, facial hair, armor details, and hats. They’re hands are even placed a little differently.

I’m impressed by the creativity and skill required to create these figures. They are baked to perfection too, such a delicious golden brown. Not sure I could at one though; they’re too beautiful. I mean could you bite its little head off?

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