Why I Love Doughnut Peaches

donut peachesHave you ever eaten a doughnut peach? I tried my first one this morning and I’m a fan. They are quickly rising in popularity and I can see why. They are a perfect hand fruit; juicy, but not so much it’s running down your arm, sweet peachy flavor with a delicate almond top note, and a stone that separates easily from the flesh. As the name suggests, they are shaped like a small doughnut (with a seed in the center) and we all know how easy they are to eat. I ate mine at the Laundromat; no mess, no bother, just a tasty little snack.

eat bake travel donut peachDoughnut peaches are a true white flesh, peach species (not genetically modified) classified a stone fruit. They were first grown in China in the 19th century. Other common names include Chinese peach, Jupiter peach, Saturn peach, Sweetcap and Saucer peach.

They’re great for kids because of their small size, easy to hold shape, and no mess. Their flat shape makes them easier for an adult to eat also. No biting into the middle of a sphere; top to bottom of the fruit in one bite.

I won’t stop eating regular yellow peaches, there’s nothing like them, but it’s nice to have an alternative that is small, fun, and a polite little hand fruit to eat in public or on a date. They’d make a nice addition to a picnic basket (no need to “wash up” after eating one.) Since they are not quite as juicy as a regular yellow peach some adjustments would need to be made in recipes.


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