Follow Up to Sam Graves Post Broadcast on Radio

Last week I posted about the trouble an activist friend of my had making an appointment with Sam Graves office to discuss HR 1599. After three weeks of trying, I went to social media after witch a friend at Organic Consumers Association made a phone call to the scheduler in the D.C. office and the next morning Angela had an appointment.

Last night (Monday, July 20, 2015) Angela and I were guests on the EcoRadio program on KKFI radio; 90.1FM. Thank you Mike Murphy for the opportunity to speak about this important topic.

Angela reviewed what was said. Some parts would be funny if not so serious.

I drew a blank when asked a direct question about APHIS. I’d like to fill in that blank now. It is an acronym used by the US Department of Agriculture for Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service. GMO plants are not regulated so I don’t really know what that is supposed to do with anything, but that’s what it stands for.

So here is the podcast of the broadcast.
DARK Act EcoRadio Broadcast

Just click on Resources in the menu above to access those handy links and get the super easy 877 phone number.

HR 1599 GOES TO FULL VOTE IN THE HOUSE THURSDAY. Let your voice be heard NOW!

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