Yes Virginia You Can Enjoy a GMO Free Thanksgiving

Being a vegetarian, “Turkey Day” isn’t a big deal for me. Therefore, it snuck up on me and I’m sorry I haven’t posted this sooner.

Like most holidays Thanksgiving can be a mine field if you are trying to make healthy dietary choices. So, I want to share some information and strategies to help you navigate between the land mines and enjoy a feast without sabotaging your values.

First of all, check out this info-graphic from the fabulous Non GMO Project.


What if you’re visiting someone else for the holidays? As a vegetarian and anti-GMO advocate I recommend you call your host / hostess now and tell them (or remind them) of your dietary limitations. Believe me no one will be happy if you sit in the corner sucking on a celery stick all day. They want you to enjoy the day and have plenty to eat and don’t want any surprises on the day of their feast.  It will be a stressful enough day as it is.

As you can see from the info-graphic there are traditional menu items with little to no GMO risk. As a vegetarian I always bring a dish of my own to holiday gatherings. That way I know I’ll be able to eat at least one thing, and it adds to the selection for others. Do this with GMO free side dishes too. I often take a cheesy broccoli and rice casserole, maybe put some nuts on top. I can control the ingredients and make it an organic dish. Then I have a three course dinner (protein, rice, green veg) and everyone else has another tasty side dish option.

Remember, this time of year is about gratitude and family. Ensure you’ll have something to eat (bring something to the party), communicate with your host / hostess so no one feels blindsided, focus on the visiting with the people, practice gratitude, and remember you can always eat somewhere else (maybe at home where you have complete control) after you leave.

Have a happy Thursday, and may you feel thankful all year long.

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