N. Karon Tripp, My Food FriendMy name is Karon and I am an activist and organic vegetarian foodie. I like people, but better in small groups. I am more comfortable writing than speaking. Although I have enjoyed the radio panel discussions I’ve done. I enjoy and live with cats, but don’t go for all the cutesy cat merchandise. I love to garden, paint, and take photographs. One of my photos won a competition and was published in a book. Others have been used on TV. I’m an idealist who believes in keeping things simple.

I enjoyed my 10 years in the food service industry, but wanted benefits like paid vacations and insurance so went into office work. Since then I have gone on to work with companies implementing marketing, developing systems, organizing offices, and providing administrative structure and support. The administrative skills I’ve garnered over the years are now also used to support non-profit and activist causes.

My current focus is food, glorious food. No living creature can survive without food, but our relationship with it goes so far beyond survival; it is both primal and complex. It plays an important role in most of our ceremonies and rituals. We gather with friends over food, we eat to celebrate our triumphs/milestones and to comfort us in loss or times of stress. It provides powerful medicine and is even the medium of some pretty impressive art. Yet I see our inalienable right to wholesome food in dire jeopardy. This led to my activism, which led to my community-building and education venture called My Food Friend.

What I love about the anti-GMO / food safety movement, and sets it apart from any other cause with which I’ve been MAM Kansas Cityinvolved, is its universality. People that normally wouldn’t think they have much in common with each other have formed a community and through it seen how much we all have in common. That is community.

Besides being a medium of communication for my activism, a large and vital part of this blog concerns nutritional healing, organic gardening, healthy shopping, my favorite recipes, and artists who use food as their medium. We share food in so many ways, and share a part of ourselves every time we do. I share my food experience here with you and hope you will join the community and share your experiences too.

I am available for questions, interviews and panel discussions. I can be contacted at MyFoodFriend@yahoo.com.

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